Why Iron and Vitamin C are Health Power Combination?

Why Iron and Vitamin C are Health Power Combination?

Vitamin C is one of the most frequent vitamins and minerals found in the majority of supplements on the market today. Regardless of the form, vitamin C is always the active and popular element to employ. Its popularity has grown even more as a result of the recent pandemic, in which vitamin C is widely employed to boost the immune system.  Did you know that, in addition to vitamin C, iron is commonly used? Iron is necessary for your health and well-being since it supports your immune system and helps circulate oxygen throughout your body. Iron deficiency can cause a variety of problems, including weariness, loss of energy, and difficulty concentrating. 

Furthermore, with today's hectic lifestyle, obtaining adequate dietary iron can be difficult. Iron deficits are common in women, children, and vegetarians, hence raising iron levels through vitamin C supplementation is generally recommended to ensure adequate iron levels.

Why is iron consumption necessary in women?

In the fast-paced lives of today's women, inconsistent meals and bad diets can quickly lead to iron deficiencies. The global prevalence of iron deficiency in women ranges from 15% to 18%, while anemia affects 29% of non-pregnant women and 38% of pregnant women. Approximately 46% of women in the United Kingdom will develop anemia throughout their pregnancy. Many Australian women consume less iron than the recommended daily dose. Iron is required to transport oxygen throughout the body and to sustain optimum energy levels and vigor. It can alleviate lethargy and exhaustion induced by low iron intake.

What is the relationship between iron and vitamin C?

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To simplify the relationship between iron and vitamin C, vitamin C aids in the body's ability to dissolve and absorb iron, and when these two operate together, they can be a powerful force in assisting your body's absorption of other critical minerals.

The National Library of Medicine reports that the gut lining absorbs iron from meals from two sources: heme and nonheme iron. Heme iron, which is contained in hemoglobin and myoglobin, is readily absorbed and is unaffected by other meals in the meal. The absorption of nonheme iron, the most common form in the diet, is strongly influenced by what it is eaten with. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) significantly increases nonheme iron absorption and can offset inhibitors such as tea and calcium/phosphate. The higher the vitamin C content of vegetable meals, the more nonheme iron is absorbed. 

Why take iron and vitamin C supplements?

Nowadays, a hectic lifestyle makes it difficult to obtain the necessary iron for your body from a healthy and natural diet alone; this is where iron supplementation with vitamin C comes in. Iron supplements can be a practical approach to increase and maintain your body's iron levels. 

However, for some people, taking traditional supplements in the form of tablets, liquid, or powder can be difficult, but the vitamin and mineral markets have lately expanded, with the introduction of gummy vitamins and minerals. Gummy vitamins provide a handy and pleasurable way to take supplements that are appropriate not only for children but also for adults. 

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Unichi Rose Iron Gummy are scientifically formulated with highly absorptive 12mg iron and vitamin C from chelated iron and plant-sourced vitamin C, as well as a high content of ferrous fumarate zinc, higher absorption of ferric sodium edelate, and a pleasant taste of ferric pyrophosphate, all combined in one gummy. These iron gummies are mild on the stomach, contain no sugar, are low in fat, and have a delicious date and rose flavor, making it a great addition to your daily iron routine. 

What benefits can you get from iron with vitamin C gummies?

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There are various benefits to your health from the powerful combination of iron and vitamin C, including:

  • Helps prevent dietary iron deficiency
  • Reduce fatigue and tiredness caused by inadequate iron levels
  • Deliver oxygen around the body 
  • Help maintain vitality and energy levels to the body
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Improve skin texture and provide inside glow 

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