Best Probiotics in Australia

Best Probiotics in Australia

For numerous Australians, gut health continues to be a major factor in overall well-being. Probiotics are currently in the limelight because they are crucial microorganisms that support the health of our digestive systems. Research shows that there are over 100 trillion germs in the human body. This exceeds our cell count by a factor of ten. Numerous diseases can be prevented or made worse by the interactions between these microbes in our gut and all bodily systems. Good bacteria levels are important for the immune system and mental well-being in addition to digestive health. 

What is Probiotic?

Live, healthy bacteria are kept in dried or dissolved form as probiotics supplements. It comes in pill, liquid, powder, capsule, and the newest and most popular form—gummy. These bacteria are typically Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, which are predominant in the digestive system of humans. Supplementing with probiotics can help the intestines become more colonised with healthy bacteria, which boost immunity and suppress harmful flora that can induce diarrhoea or constipation. 

Beneficial Effects Of Taking Probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that reside in the gut and keep the microflora there in a normal state. They aid in food digestion and combat harmful bacteria, such as the prevalent Helicobacter pylori that causes gastritis and stomach ulcers. 

Probiotics have been shown to be beneficial in treating a wide range of illnesses, including diabetes, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, cirrhosis, hepatic encephalopathy, food allergies, rhinitis, and acute pancreatitis. These findings have been based on numerous studies and clinical trials.

Additionally, researchers have discovered a link between gut flora and brain activity known as the gut-brain axis. The gut's dysbiosis and inflammation have been connected to anxiety and sadness, two conditions that are common in today's world. Probiotics may help cure and prevent anxiety, sadness, and other neurological disorders including ADHD and autism because they can return the body's natural microbial equilibrium.

Probiotics and Prebiotics: What's The Difference?

In gut health, probiotics and prebiotics are sometimes confusing. Most people thought that these two are the same for it sounds similar but in reality these two play different roles. Probiotics are live beneficial bacteria and prebiotics on the other hand, are non- digestible food for the bacteria. Prebiotics usually occur in banana, asparagus, leeks, union, garlic, chicory and whole grains such as wheat, barley and oats. Eating foods and supplements containing both can help balance the gut bacteria. 

Best Probiotics in Australia

There are many types of probiotics available in the market today but selecting the right product should be based on individual health needs. 

To get you started on your probiotic journey—At Unichi Wellness, we’ve rounded up a list of the best probiotics in two different forms - tablets and gummy as well as related products you can pair with probiotics supplements . From oral refresh tablets to probiotics & prebiotics gummies, you’re bound to find the right supplement for you.

Unichi Pre & Probiotics Gummies

As discussed in the above section, the combination of pre & probiotics is essential for gut health. Among the similar products in the market Unichi Pre & Probiotics Gummies exceeds the competition because not only that this product contains probiotics but also the prebiotics. It contains 60+ billion premium probiotics constraints beneficial bacteria (Bacillus coagulans & lactobacillus acidophilus)  combined with prebiotics (insulin). It is non-GMO and has a great-tasting yoghurt flavour. 

Unichi Rosa Prima Probiotics Oral Refresh

One of the effects of bad bacteria in our digestive system is having bad breath caused by an unhealthy mouth and stomach. Unichi Probiotics Oral Refresher helps protect the oral mycobacterial system. With daily use, it can give instant breath-refreshing, daily teeth, mouth and gut health protection. It contains 3 probiotics strains lactobacillus plantarum, lactobacillus salivarius and lactobacillus reuteri. It has 0 sugar low fat with rose & peach flavour. 

Unichi Elderberry Immune Deffence Gummy

Having healthy immunity is one of the fruits of having a healthy gut. Gut health and immunity are connected, in the food consumption process, our gut microbiota breaks down these nutrients to fuel their growth. The beneficial gut bacteria generate compounds that promote optimal bodily functions and enhance the efficiency of the immune system. So to have better results, many recommend a pair of probiotics and an immunity supplement. 

Unichi Elderberry Immune Defence Gummy contains Sambucus nigra L. Elderberry Extract Vitamin C and Zinc to support immune system health and function. It is a delicious berry flavour daily top-up of key support immune vitamins for general health and wellbeing.

Unichi Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy

Another great weight management supplement that helps enhance digestive wellness is Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy. Unichi acv gummies help boost metabolism, heart health and immune support,  it contains Apple Cider Vinegar ( with the mother) 750mg, Vitamin B complex. So to achieve better results incorporating these acv gummies can quicker the digestion process. 


FAQ (frequently Asked Questions):

What is the most effective form of probiotic?

Probiotics come in a number of well-liked and very effective varieties in Australia, but each supplement should be chosen specifically for you based on your needs and health status.

How do I know which probiotic to choose?

The effectiveness of probiotics supplements will vary for each health needs and condition but the effectiveness will usually depend on the probiotics constraints that a specific product incorporates.

What are the 2 most important probiotics?

The two most common and important probiotics are Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium.

Can lack of probiotics cause anxiety?

Scientists recently uncovered a connection between gut bacteria and brain function. Probiotics can restore normal microbial balance, and therefore have a potential role in the treatment and prevention of anxiety, depression and other neurological conditions such as ADHD and autism.

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