How to Use Saffron Supplement for Better Sleep?

How to Use Saffron Supplement for Better Sleep?

If you find yourself lying awake in the middle of the night, easily destructed or have a difficulty in finding a quality sleep, you may have disrupted sleep cycle. With that saffron could be your best option to sleep by easing symptoms of restlessness and allowing you to achieve restful and restored sleep. But before we dive into saffron benefits, let's first define what is saffron and how it is used?

What is saffron?

Dried stigmas of Crocus sativus L. are the source of saffron extract, which is typically utilised in conventional medicine. Affron or saffron as a standardised extract from saffron, produced using a patented extraction process that yields a high quality of saffron, may be an ingredient in certain supplements. Clinical investigations supporting its potential to assist sleep and enhance nervous system health attest to its efficacy.

What is saffron used for?

Compared to other dietary approaches, saffron extract has the potential to be a safe and natural way to increase the quantity and quality of sleep, according to a National Library of Medicine study on the extract's effects on sleep quality. Furthermore, research on the effects of saffron extract and its constituents, safranal, crocins, and crocetin, on human anxiety and depression has been proven. 

Saffron has demonstrated potential in relieving anxiety. Saffron is supposed to have stress-relieving effects because of its ability to affect serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter linked to emotions of happiness and well-being. Saffron may assist to relieve tension and anxiousness by influencing serotonin levels, and promote a healthy mood balance.

Saffron for sleep

Saffron's success in the vitamin and supplement industries can be attributed to the numerous clinical trials and research that have been conducted on its advantages for sleep, emotional stability, and mental health. Strong antioxidants found in saffron may increase the concentration of hormones related to sleep and counteract chemicals that affect sleep-wake cycles. Thus, studies have shown that supplementing with saffron can improve the quality of sleep and lessen the intensity of insomnia.

There are numerous ways to use saffron to promote sleep, but two common ones include brewing saffron tea or taking a vitamin and saffron supplement right before bed. Supplements come in a variety of forms; they can be taken as liquid, pills, or regular tablets. However, gummy bears are currently the most widely used form. 

Does saffron help with anxiety symptoms?

Anxiety and stress are two things that might contribute to sleep deprivation. Worrying and overthinking, particularly late at night, can disrupt your sleep pattern by keeping you up and causing you to sleep later than usual. Numerous studies have looked into the different ways saffron can help people reduce stress, but one study in particular showed that saffron extracts may raise dopamine levels in the brain. 

More stable emotional stress is linked to adequate dopamine levels. An additional supplement of saffron will lessen nervous thoughts. 

Sleep is crucial in maintaining and improving our health and keeping our bodies functioning optimally. At Unichi Wellness, we carefully crafted a collection containing different forms of supplements from Saffron that would help you not just to have a quality of sleep but to support your overall well-being.