Unichi products are created by a team of highly experienced formulators with naturopathy, nutrition and biochemistry backgrounds. We ensure that the products we create are truly effective and have proven health benefits.


The total body of international evidence is comprehensively reviewed for each ingredient. We look at everything from the clinical trials to traditional usage. We also understand the stability of ingredients to ensure you`re getting the amount listed on pack at the end of it`s shelf life.


Unichi sources premium ingredients from Australia and around the world. Our saffron, for example, comes from the finest hand-picked farms in the central Spanish region of La Mancha. Whatever the ingredient, and wherever the location, we have a passion for unique, high-quality ingredients.


Unichi are committed to using clinically trialed ingredients. We`re proud of our relationships with leading Australian researchers and are committed to furthering the knowledge of natural medicine around the world.


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