The Unichi ethos of ownership, excellence, passion and agility allows for rewarding career opportunities for all team members.


Great workplaces are built
through the day-to-day relationships

We want you to realise your uniqueness and live the most authentic version of yourself. Our company philosophy is to work hard so our customers don’t have to! With a focus on healthy lifestyles and wellbeing, you’ll often find us munching on an apple or sipping tea as we work.

Unichi provides the environment and support to respect the differences of others. Coming from all corners of the globe, our team recognises that to be our best we must embrace and respect the uniqueness of each other and celebrate the differences of our backgrounds.

Unichi encourages you to be innovative in your thinking and open to new ways of doing things. In this fast-paced industry, agility is key to standing out. Unichi takes great pride in the high quality of its people, as well as its products.



We look for people
who are results-driven, creative,
and passionate team players.

Join Us

As we are not limited to the borders of one nation we don’t limit our thinking to one kind of person. We seek passionate, creative people who bring inspirational ideas to help us reach further.

With a focus on developing and nurturing our employees every step of the way, we hope you will grow with us as Unichi grows.

We reward high-performing staff and want them to be successful in this industry.

We encourage our team members to take full ownership of their ideas and responsibilities, and to be creative in their role. We want you to feel inspired and challenged, and to genuinely believe in the purpose of the business. We want to empower you to make a difference and assist in the growth of the company.

If you are up to the challenge and you share in our passion for wellbeing, please click the link to see our current opportunities.