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Sunscreen Lotion
SPF 50+

2.0 OZ / 60 ml

11 Pearls™ Sunscreen is a premium dry touch sunscreen formulated for daily protection against the sun. The sunscreen’s dry touch texture is perfect for daily use, without having a thick feeling common in regular sunscreens. It protects against the broad-spectrum of UV radiation, the addition of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E provides an extra layer of moisturisation to further protect the skin from drying out during the day.

Believe me when I say that this is the ONE AND ONLY TIME you will hear me extol the virtues of a sunscreen.

Not because I don't wear it (bitch pls, I live in Australia) but because I just don’t like it. The smell, feel and searing, watering agony if it gets even slightly too close to my eye means that I regard even the “good” ones as little more than a necessary evil. Also, parting with $50 every time I have to buy sunscreen is about as enjoyable as paying a parking fine.

And yet I persist, because 1) I don’t want melanoma and 2) I invest far too heavily in my skincare routine to allow myself to be bumfucked by the sun.

I also think that as far as “influencers” go, sun protection is serious business and I’m basically a joke. Come to me for hilarity and vulgarity, but let’s leave the sensible stuff to the pros.

But here I stand before you… OBSESSED with this 11_pearls sunscreen and hell bent on telling you all the ways why:

☀️It smells like a moisturiser.
☀️It feels like a moisturiser.
☀️It’s loaded with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E so it basically IS a moisturiser!
☀️It’s broad spectrum SPF50+
☀️Plays nicely under and over make-up
☀️It’s only $24.95!

Full transparency: this was gifted to me by the brand. And even though I’m under no obligation to post about it, I was still reluctant to accept because I just didn’t think any sunscreen could do it for me 🤷🏼‍♀️

Even if it did - it could never tickle my fancy to the point I’d feel compelled to write about it. They sent it to me anyway, though, and in the same way I tell my kids you gotta try new food because you might like it... I’m SO glad I tried this.

This little tube is now residing permanently in my handbag, and you can bet your ass I’ll buy another one when I finish it!

Thanks Unichi_Wellness

Slip, slop, slap, bitches 👌🏻

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happy #sunscreensaturday and #supplementsaturday featuring these two goodies from unichi_wellness and 11_pearls 💖

✨ Rosa Prima Pre & Probiotics Gummy are a fun way to boost your good bacteria in the form of a yummy gummy bear! These bears taste like sweet yoghurt and contain pre and probiotics to help support a healthy tummy, boost your immune system and general health 🌼

I usually forget to take probiotics but with these gummy bears I never forget because I feel like I'm eating a treat ☺️ it's so yummy it's hard for me to only eat 2 a day 😂

✨ 11 Pearls Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+ is one of my new favourite chemical sunscreens! It's lightweight, spreads easily across my skin, doesn't leave a white cast or a sticky/ greasy feeling! This is quite affordable as well so that's always a plus 💖 I really appreciate that this is so easy to reapply throughout the day (i hope you're all reapplying SPF every 2 hours!). I also enjoy how this doesn't dry out my skin or make it feel tight and uncomfortable! It doesn't have a matte finish, more of a natural finish similar to that you'd get from wearing a good moisturiser ☺️

I didn't experience pilling when using this alone but I did once when I applied this over a physical sunscreen I had on. I haven't used this on the same day I use a physical sunscreen again and haven't had any issues with this since! 💖 I'll definitely be picking up another one after I'm finished this ✨

Have you tried anything from unichi_wellness ? ☺️


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Happy Tuesday beauties! I hope you’ve had a lovely day today! I just had one of those days where you feel like you accomplished nothing because you got distracted way too much ! ⠀
Oh well, tonight I’m heading off to an apartment inspection and then to dinner with my partner - what are your plans for tonight? ⠀

Note - the 11_pearls sunscreen lotion and pixibeauty milky tonic are PR samples. ⠀

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2021 lockdown essentials 😷
11 Pearls sunscreen is perfect for my daily walks. It’s SPF50+, lightweight and non greasy and is perfect for sensitive skin. It’s also super moisturising and I’ve found that with constant mask wearing my skin needs some TLC! 11_pearls unichi_wellness


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Happy Friday! TGIF!⠀
I’m on annual leave for the next week, I’m excited to sleep in and catch up on some well deserved self care. ⠀
But also I’m keen to spend some more time on Instagram engaging with you all. Should I host a giveaway to celebrate? 😊😊⠀

Note - the below items were PR samples:⠀
11_pearls sunscreen lotion SPF⠀
realu hydrate lite moisturiser ⠀
skinstitut age defence ⠀
revolutionskincare colloidal silver serum⠀
generationskinaus brightening purple clay mask ⠀

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Happy Wednesday lovelies! ♥️ It’s day 5 of my break from work and I’m really itching to get back into the swing of things. I’m not the type of person who genuinely enjoys relaxing and I like being busy. However, I think a chill out moment is needed every now and then to ensure you don’t burn out 😊 So today I took myself out for breakfast and then I bought a gift for my mum because it’s her birthday tomorrow. 🎁 As for now, I’ve got a terrible headache so I think it’s an early night in bed for me! 😴 ⠀
What did you end up doing today? ⠀

Note - the below items were PR samples.⠀
pixibeauty glow tonic
dermalogicaaus intensive moisture cleanser
11_pearls sunscreen lotion SPF50
revolutionskincare colloidal silver serum
generationskinaus brightening purple clay mask
navonaus australian pink clay mask
youthtothepeople yerba mate energy facial

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Did you know the most effective way to combat skin ageing was to apply sunscreen daily?🧴
This 11 pearls sunscreen lotion SPF50+ is none greasy, moisturising, light weight, and even suitable for sensitive skin. It contains aloe Vera and vitamin E which is loaded with antioxidants; this helps prevent dark spots while soothing and hydrating your skin. It’s also a convenient size so you can bring it anywhere. Put it in your purse, pocket, beach bag or even gym bag. You’ll never see me go anywhere without my sunscreen, rain or shine, and you shouldn’t either! ☀️
Use my discount code “Samantha20” between the 1st - 15th of July and try it out for yourself! Available at unichi_wellness 11_pearls

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Light as a feather 🕊 If you’re looking for a light-weight nourishing sunscreen to see you through the winter season, then we introduce you to the 11 Pearls Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+ 🤍✨Dry touch but with hydrating benefits, this is the perfect daily protection! 🌟⁠

📸 @annvictoriao⁠

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Yesterday I spent the day at insightla for a wise speech daylong retreat with celestebyoung and Christiane. We learned the power of mindful communication. Everyone could benefit from learning this as communication is so powerful...How we communicate with one another and how we communicate with ourselves. During the meditations and exercises we did I was able to go deeper into my self and see things from a different perspective and more clearly. I understand more why I speak to myself the way I do sometimes, and what triggers me to speak unkindly or without mindfulness to other people. Meditation is a practice, just like Pilates. You keep doing it to keep learning about yourself and in turn it will change how you look at the world. Meditation has changed me. It's been a slow change, but that's why I know it's real change. Change that sticks, not just a moment in time change. I know meditation can be challenging, but if I could I would help everyone see how it can help you. There are so many ways to meditate. You don't have to sit in silence and quiet your mind. That's not how I meditate. My mind runs around like it's a kid on a sugar high. But I've learned to quiet my thoughts, even if for a moment at a time. I could go on and on and on and on and on 😊. #mindfulnessmeditation #meditation #insightla #wordsofwisdom #wordsarepowerful #pilates #kindness #wellbeing #mindfullife
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Turn off your phone and #meditate. (Even if it's only 5 minutes 😬) #sunday #neshing #neshnyc #luxurycomfort #selfcare #everyweareverywhere

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Your daily essentials. Looking to try our skincare range or perhaps in need of a top up? Our 11 Pearls and Forty Fathoms skincare ranges can be found at @pricelineau ✨

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Apply generously and evenly to clean, dry skin at least 20 minutes before exposure to the sun. Re-apply at least every 2 hours, and particularly after swimming or exercising.


11 Pearls™ Sunscreen Lotion also contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, these ingredients help provide a moisturising barrier for the skin, allowing the skin to stay hydrating when exposed to the sun. Both ingredients are also strong antioxidants, providing extra layers of protection for the skin. Aloe vera can also help soothe the skin, reducing the sun’s effects on the skin.


Following strict testing methods, 11 Pearls™ Sunscreen Lotion has passed the latest sunscreen standard required by the TGA to provide UV protection from the sun. UVA and UVB are the main wavelengths of UV radiation that bypasses the ozone layer to hit the skin when in sunlight. High exposure of these wavelengths can cause damage to the skin’s layers, as cells and connective tissue breaks down due to the sun’s radiation.